Application: Apply to heat plates for bonding profiles
• Tapes and fabrics
• Available with or without adhesive
• Available in any size and multiple thicknesses

Glazing tapes

Application: Sealant to prevent water or air leakage.
• Specialized foam tape
• Available in spooled-wound and regular rolls.

VHB tapes and foam tapes

Application: Permanent bond foam tapes.
• Used to apply muntin bars or SDL bars

Protective films for glass or extrusions

Application: Protection of glass or extrusions.
• Protects against dirt, dust, debris, scratches on construction sites.
• Removes easily leaving clean glass and little clean up
• Available in 30, 60 and 360 day UV protection

Duct tape UV resistant / no residue

Application: Installation or general purpose
• Removes cleanly from surfaces
• Outdoor and indoor use – 2-3 weeks without leaving residue
• Eliminates clean-ups


Application: Wrapping, packaging, shipping, covering and protecting
• Available in bags, tubing and sheeting
• All sizes and thicknesses available.

Masking tapes

Application: Masking, protecting and packaging
• High temperature, mid-temperature and general purpose
• Paint masking (blue or green) 8 day, 14 day, or 30 day UV protection
• No residue masking tapes

Related Products

Strapping tapes

Application: strapping and/or bundling

Box sealing tapes

Available in clear, tan, printed or custom colours

Open-cell foam tape

Application: Insulation for wooden windows – weatherstripping