3M™ Thermally Conductive Interface Materials

3M thermal interface materials efficiently and effectively conduct heat from your hot source to your cooling devices, be it heat sink, fan, heat pipes, or metal frames. 3M thermal solutions offer long-term stability at high temperatures and are ideal for applications such as managing heat from hot spots on LED lighting, backlights, lithium ion batteries, PC boards, or power IC chips.

Thermal products

heat sink







3M™ Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tapes (custom sizes and die cutting available)
Designed for quick transfer of heat to heat sinks or other cooling components, in all electronics, power supplies, circuit boards, and LED lighting. No setup time compared to epoxies and greases—just stick and go. Can be used to secure heat sinks and spreaders. Available in a variety of thicknesses and easily die-cut to fit your requirements.

3M thermal tapes:

  • have pressure sensitive double sided adhesive with thermally conductive fillers
  • improve efficiency and longevity of straight or curved LED light fixtures
  • replace or reinforce mechanical fastener systems
  • are removable, enabling repairs
  • provide differentiated adhesives for bonding different types of surfaces
  • conform to a variety of surfaces



8800 series

• moderately soft and able to wet to many surfaces
• conforms well to non-flat surfaces and low surface energy
• very high adhesion, best reliability performance
• halogen free

8900 series

• high thermal conductivity (>1.5W/mk)
• good converting ability, handling and reworkability
• good adhesion performance on Al and SS
• vibration dampening

9800 series

• softer acrylic PSA adhesive and good wetting
• good thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation properties
• ideal for high surface energy material
• moderate adhesion strength and easy rework





3M™ Thermally Conductive Interface Pads / Gap Pads
(custom sizes and die cutting available)
3M thermal pads provide effective and quick heat transfer and vibration dampening for LED lighting and consumer electronic devices. Excellent wet-out during assembly. With a light tack, the pads can be laid out for pre-positioning or used in multi-layer lamination.

3M thermal pads:

  • provide ideal solutions for power COB LEDs, automotive Li+ batteries, notebook thermal modules, and more
  • disperse heat in high wattage applications
  • can be die cut to fit most applications
  • can replace graphite for general purpose applications
  • fill gaps between irregular surfaces
  • are soft, compressible and conformable

Available in Silicone and Acrylic (non-silicone) versions



Acrylic-based thermal pad
5570N, 5571N, 5567H, 5578H, 5589H, 5590H

• non-silicone oil bleeding and none-siloxane VOC
• PET/PI lamination option for tacky-free service
• various thickness available and die-cuttable
• low cost and reliable performance
• good heat resistance
• conformability and excellent wetting
• provides cushioning and vibration resistance

Silicone-based thermal pad
5515, 5515S, 5516, 5516S, 5595, 5595S, 5519, 5519S, 5591, 5583S

• very conformable and compressible
• various thickness available and die-cuttable
• excellent heat resistance
• good electrical insulation properties
• excellent wetting out performance
• PET/PI lamination option for tacky-free service




3M™ Thermally Conductive Epoxy
3M thermally conductive epoxy is a liquid adhesive that has good thermal conductivity with high structural strength, excellent wetting and minimal odor. Dispensing is easy for high output, in-line automatic manufacturing or manual application.

3M thermally conductive epoxies:

  • fill small surface gaps and micro spaces
  • provide ultra-thin bond lines and even flow
  • have a low viscosity, ideal for low thermal impedance
  • are mechanically much stronger than tapes and pads
  • have low chloride ion contents and low outgassing




• two-part epoxy using none-conductive fillers
• improved thermal performance
• curing performance comparable to 3M structural epoxy DP460 and DP460EG


• two-part epoxy using electrical conductive fillers
• same curing performance as TC2810
• should not be used where a power electrical circuit is used




3M™ Thermally Conductive Greases
3M thermally conductive grease is a high-performance thermal interface material for transferring heat from the hot source to heat sink or other cooling devices. Thermal greases, as low cost and reliable materials, can be part of a multi-step heat transfer system to meet your requirements.

3M thermally conductive greases:

  • can be removed, reshaped, and reused
  • can be applied in screen printing (lower viscosity version)
  • provide bulk conductivity
  • provide thin bond line with low thermal impedance
  • do not contain silicone
  • can be used with other thermal materials



TCG-2035 and TCG-2031

• good bulk conductivity
• non-silicone material
• thin interface to offer low thermal resistance
• good wet-out
• TCG-2031 is screen printable due to low viscosity